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Growing up, I remember my dad leaving for work at 4 am to start his 48-hour shift. Not because it was easy work, but because he felt a calling to serve the community by being there for people in their worst moment in life. My passion for public service was instilled in me from a young age by my parents—a public school teacher and a union firefighter—who embodied the values of community involvement and dedication.

While in college, I studied Political Science and Communication and was actively engaged in student government. Serving as the Vice President of Student Government, I advocated for inclusive policies that enhanced student welfare. This experience was not just about leadership; it was a learning opportunity to learn the fundamentals of policymaking and student advocacy. At The Ohio State University, I completed my Master’s in Public Health while working to establish an LGBTQ+ center and improve access to mental health services for graduate students.
Professionally, my time working at Franklin County Public Health as the Healthy Food Access Coordinator allowed me to work alongside schools and community organizations toward eliminating food deserts across the county and educating the next generation about sustainable growing practices. Now serving as Treasurer in my second term as an elected official on the West Scioto Area Commission, I'm focused on sustainable development, improving public transit, and meeting the housing needs of our growing city. In my day job at JPMorgan Chase, I work to elevate the voice and needs of users as a customer experience coordinator in the digital automation field.

Just like you, I am alarmed by the extremist politics that control our State House today. It’s time for a State House that works for you, not the out-of-touch extremists. This campaign for the Ohio House is driven by a vision of an inclusive, healthy, and forward-thinking Ohio.

My journey to running has been shaped by my countless grass-roots advocacy experiences and policy-driven initiatives. I'm ready to bring my years of diverse experience along with a new perspective as the first openly gay man elected to the Ohio State House to advocate for a brighter tomorrow for the Westside.

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